Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ubuntu: Unveil the real power of compiz-fusion 3D desktop effects

So, you have Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon's compiz-fusion and want the cool toys like fire writing? For most of them you will need the "super" key (aka windows key), otherwise you need to reset the key combinations which enable the plugins.
Before you begin you should ask yourself: Can my card and computer handle it? If you're unfamiliar, you can go to and post your computer configuration (graphics card, memory RAM, processor and its MHz/GHz), ask them if they think is plausible to use visual effects.

Firstly, we need to setup the software sources, i.e. use the universe. On the menu: System > Administration > Software sources (Type in your password). Since I'm not a source repository fan, I have mine unchecked, you can go ahead and check it, it doesn't hurt to have the source ready for download :) It will ask for you to Reload the data, do that, it basically updates the information about the packages, it may take a while to download the data.
Secondly, make sure you have the appropriate (restricted) drivers for your graphics card (Nvidia NX7300GT in my case). You can install them by going to System > Administration > Restricted drivers manager and checking Enable next to your card. Be sure to restart your computer afterwards.

Next, we use a console (gnome terminal in Gnome, konsole in KDE) to install the compiz manager:
sudo apt-get install python-compizconfig
It should ask for a password again, enter it, press Enter, it might ask you if you are sure, press y and hit Enter again, and it will download the goodies. Once it's done, you can go
enable the visual effects through System > Preferences > Appearance > Visual effects and select the Extra or Custom if your system supports it (see paragraph 2). You might require a restart, although Ubuntu restarted the desktop manager for me.
Finally you can click on Preferences there, or System > Preferences > Advanced Desktop Effects Settings to have complete control over the plugins that are loaded. It may take you a while to get used to it.

Enjoy your new toys!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Nis Petrol Wfest

It looks like Nis Petrol considers to kick-start the developing of Serbia's website representation by throwing in a contest of the best websites out there. Maybe this blog is in English, but the writer is of Serbian origin ;) I changed the blog's logo and filed the blog for the contest!

Updates for the last days?
  1. I haven't passed any of the 3 exams left, it looks like it's going to be "crowdy" for the October examination period, but I'm willing to take a shot.
  2. I've installed Ubuntu Gutsy Tribe 5, 3 days before the Beta release, and today (beta release day) I joined #ubuntu+1 in Freenode IRC Network, and noticed that more than 240 users were in, whereas 3 days before the beta it was a simple sum of 40-50. What I didn't like is that they do NOT mention the problems with Firefox plugins Flash and Sun Java in the amd64 (64-bit) version of Ubuntu 7.10. I used the nspluginwrapper solution for flash, since Gnash (the free swf player) isn't still completely usable. I'm still waiting to see what's going to happen with Java.
Have a lovely weekend everyone! I'll probably spend it on my studying.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Away for some days

You might have noticed that lately I don't make posts as frequently as before. I am and will still be away for several days. It's my examination period, I have to focus a lot more on passing my exams than filling out a blog with no apparent reason.

If you like any of my projects, (gallery & forum) or (cwean antimalware package - cwean.exe) you're more than welcome to donate a little something for the web hosting - It goes directly to both websites' funding and not in my pocket :)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Health: Work hours affect your sleep

Remember the two parts of the post Operation Sleepwalk? The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (catchy name!) have concluded, after thorough researches, that work time is a mega factor related to your sleep time:
Sleep time was minimal while work time was maximal in the age group 45-54 years, and sleep time increased both with lower and higher age.(1)
The weird thing is that if you watch a lot of TV you get more eye-shut time:
Except for time spent watching TV, which increased with longer sleep times, all waking activities decreased with increasing sleep time.(2)
Come to think of it, it's not that weird. Your eyes get tired, your eyesight deteriorates, you become a couch potato, need I continue? It's the same thing with gamers. The difference between gamers and TV viewers is the amount of adrenaline - Usually (and you didn't hear this from me) epinephrine (another geeky name for adrenaline) is more or less a deluge to persons that play action games, or games on which they get addicted. It's not bad, but too much is bad.

Keep your gaming skills sharp, your window to the world open (*hint hint* television), but don't stand/sit in front of a computer or a TV all day long!