Saturday, October 27, 2007

Malware: MSN Messenger

It's a bit old news, but I've seen it, so I'd like to warn people about it, if you see something similar to this:

..then either don't accept the image10 image08 image07 or a similar file. It contains an executable (program) such as - DO NOT GET TRICKED!
I'm saying "tricked" because it appears as if the file has a "" website in its filename, which is certainly not the case.

I've updated cwean.exe cleaner to detect them, check out the bfu script. If you saw any other files or registry keys, please reply with a comment.

P.S. Have a nice weekend everyone! I'm off to probably visit Kragujevac, a town in Serbia, a friend of mine invited me to celebrate a family holiday with them. I'll probably return with several photos, I've never been there. :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Lots'a new stuff..

..but I'm still the same! :) It's important to help around in projects you use and like.
In Ubuntu a lot has happened these days, especially after the Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 release; among others:
- Ubuntu OpenWeek
- #ubuntu+1 users have moved on to the next devel release, Hardy Heron
- #ubuntu was practically flooded with users asking for help these days, most of them were related to graphics cards, probably because they wanted to try out the fancy 3D experience provided out-of-the-box for most of them.
- The release after hardy is said to be Grumpy Groundhog, although I personally would prefer to move on to the next letter ("I"), and use my suggestion: Itchy Iguana - I still believe it's catchy!

I'm VERY satisfied with that the developers have accomplished, but I didn't like this:
cat /etc/debian_version
This command returns: lenny/sid
Debian leftovers!
Oh well, it's really a minor "bug", a way if you will to show their direct connection I guess (yes, I'm just guessing).

In my circle of life, there's nothing that is worth publishing, pretty much dull. I'm stuck with 3 exams, which I will probably finish by the end of January, if not all, then I'll try my best for at least 2. The next not-so-important thing is that the central heating of my appartment (in the heart of Belgrade, Slavija) is not functioning correctly. All the buildings in Belgrade have a centralised heating system, all connected to each other if I'm not wrong - well it seems like the appartments on the 8th floor here don't have as much "heat" as expected. I really hope this will get fixed by November, because the temperature has begun to go lower.
My neighbour mentioned to go get an electric heater, but what would be the point of paying a central heating all year long and not actually enjoying one?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Software: Autopatcher is long gone, but...

According to this little announcement, it looks like the autopatcher all-in-one update project has gone down the drain. Instead of Microsoft congratulating and embrasing such a kind security offer from a programmer such as Antonis Kaladis, they send an email for "unlicensed redistribution" of copyright work. If you ask me, Microsoft has never heard of the words: promotion developers software
It might be old news, but I want to point something else. Take a look at how many times the world linux is mentioned! It is a fact that GNU/Linux and *BSD distributions are short of desktop users, but that's not a reason for begging!

I just looove the ranting that followed:
The future is Linux. Let Microsoft commit suicide if they so want to. 1
Looks like this guy never tried APTonCD:
And for all the people who are using this as the reason to jump to linux - good riddance. Make sure to post here after you get your Linux distro installed and have to download a number of packages and updates that makes Windows Update look like a blessing. 2
Nevertheless, this is NOT the ending of the AutoPatcher and easy patching era. As Kaladis has mentioned, the team is working on a web-based solution. If that solution can work with grabbing the downloads directly from, then I believe they can bypass that attorney notification. If that solution could also automatically create an iso image at the end, which would be useful in redistribution, then we're back in secure Windows ;)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Something to get your day started!

A good day to start your day is by laughing. It doesn't only cheer you up, but laughter also stimulates your immune system. I bet this adorable baby is as healthy as much as it is happy :)

Why do babies cheer you up? Probably because you remember your baby movies and/or photographs. Memories can play a very important role in the brain, especially if they are thoughts of joy. See how much of this can be connected to a single video or photo?
Most feelings are expressed in a special part of the brain, called the limbic system. But anyway, let me not ruin your day with medical facts! I'll bore in some later posts. For now, enjoy your day! :)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ubuntu: Foretelling the next release code name

Only a couple of weeks until Ubuntu 7.10 aka Gutsy Gibbon to reach its final stage. It's pretty stable so far, some OpenOffice programs don't work, but I expect that to be fixed, as the bugs are already reported.

I made this post because I've noticed something ever since I was expecting Gutsy Gibbon: the code names given have an alphabetical connection. A shot Ubuntu release history follows; First two releases were named Warty Warthog and Hoary Hedgehog, let's say *hogs. Then came Dapper Drake (6.06), the first long-time support release. After that, Edgy Eft (6.10), followed by Feisty Fawn (7.04) and the lovely Gutsy Gibbon (7.10). Also, the next release is announced to be Hardy Heron (8.04), expected in April 2008.

Have you noticed anything since Dapper Drake? Let's make it clearer: Dapper Drake, Edgy Eft, Feisty Fawn, Gutsy Gibbon, Hardy Heron... The code names follow an alphabetic order, from D to H, so logically the next relase code name would be starting from I. Hooray for Itchy Iguana!

Note: No, Itchy Inguana is NOT the next code name, it's a phrase I just made up - I must admit it does sound catchy though!

Edit (after some sanity check): It came out that this was already mentioned:
"For all of our sanity we are going to try to keep these names alphabetical after Breezy. We might skip a few letters, and we'll have to wrap eventually. But the naming convention is here for a while longer, at least. The possibilities are endless. Gregarious Gnu? Antsy Aardvark? Phlegmatic Pheasant? You send 'em, we'll consider 'em."