Saturday, October 27, 2007

Malware: MSN Messenger

It's a bit old news, but I've seen it, so I'd like to warn people about it, if you see something similar to this:

..then either don't accept the image10 image08 image07 or a similar file. It contains an executable (program) such as - DO NOT GET TRICKED!
I'm saying "tricked" because it appears as if the file has a "" website in its filename, which is certainly not the case.

I've updated cwean.exe cleaner to detect them, check out the bfu script. If you saw any other files or registry keys, please reply with a comment.

P.S. Have a nice weekend everyone! I'm off to probably visit Kragujevac, a town in Serbia, a friend of mine invited me to celebrate a family holiday with them. I'll probably return with several photos, I've never been there. :)

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Anonymous said...

we really had a great time in KG!!!
;D ;D ;D

I'll send you some pics tomorrow