Sunday, October 26, 2008

timekpr - Keep control of your computer usage

A rather new project, really reaaally really useful for parents and administrators that wish to limit their user accounts to a certain amount of login access duration or to limit accounts by defining access hours. Either way, it's a must have application, which I'm *ahem* actively co-developing! :)

The project page can be found at LaunchPad, the code is hosted at LaunchPad too! We have also set up a new blog for it at blogspot: There's a voting poll at the blog site, you might be interested to "give your click" to provide us with an orientation as to which new toys should timekpr focus on. ;)

I'm hosting a mini-page regarding the Debian packages, built with Ubuntu in mind:
(until I find some time to learn to cope with uploading packages to a personal package archive ["PPA"] at Launchpad)

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