Thursday, November 29, 2007 is fake

Cant Play/View Movie Properly?
Try This: Rename the .avi extension to .rar, the movie file should be inside the .rar
We did this due to repeated Copyright Violation Allegations (copyright infractions) by Numerous Studios.
Step number 2:
Is The Movie (.avi file) Asking for a Password?
Please go to: for your pass it should only take a min. :)
We apologize for the inconvenience, Thank You
If you downloaded a torrent, like this topic and came out to be something else way unexpected (with the file "How to Play The Movie Properly.txt"), well, welcome to the fake world! Yes, it is fake, and yes, I know it bites. Looks like some copyright trolls have got their tenticles around the bittorrent network, or it's just a "bright" young fellow that wants to get rich with pennies!

Either way, the password is (yes, big capital A, all the rest small letters): Alerts
...and as they say at that lame website "Enjoy your Movie =)", whatever you may have downloaded. I'll have to warn you though, it might be an adult movie, so do a preview first before you present it to your children.

Update: is the same website as, same pass.


Deceived said...

Fuc*k, these guys suck, I downloaded a file named SAW IV, and then it came to be Chuck & Larry ¬¬

Anonymous said...

I dwl I M Legend, turns out to be a REALLY BAD copy of Beowolf CAM.


F these bastards.

Luckily I did a little search before I dialed that stupid number.

Anonymous said...

Even i downld the same shit ..
IM Legend ,turned out to be Beowolf ..
nd the clarity was Fukole..

I too was lucky to search before gettin deceived..

Anonymous said...

Well, I just download a torrent for Natl Treasure 2 and it turns out to be a bad copy of Beowulf. Lucky I Found this site and got the password (Alerts) without paying to that torrentpowered site. Only damage is my wasted bandwidth and disappointment. Lol

Henri said...

Jup This sucks ..
I got Beowulf ( bad copy ) instead of National Treasure
And the Password, Dam i wasted so much time fiding it

Anonymous said...

another person stung by "i am legend"

if torrent sites didn't seem to have comments disabled all the time instances like this would be so less common.

Gar said...

Thanks for the p/word. I DL'd National Treasure 2 but received crappy Beowolf instead. I have seen beowolf yet so not so bad for me. Thanks for the p/word.

Anonymous said...

what a bitch. not only that this shit with "get password" is fake, the movie wasnt Hitman as it said but Ratatashit. Thanks for working pass mate, but torrents unfortunately arent idiotproof

medigeek said...

I like it that you all have presented your thoughts, but please bare in mind that there could be a child watching this kind of foul language, so please keep it family-safe :)

Anonymous said...

I Downloaded "I am Legend (W. Smith) DVD.Premium.SCR.[USA]"

i got rattafucktards peice of shit!!

i searceh before i rang the number though

Last 2 mevies ive d/l needed passwords its utter crap!!

Anonymous said...

downloaded AVP-R and ended up with the kingdom. dosent botehr me because i was downloading the kingdom too but pissed me off i wanted AVP-R :( BASTARDS

Arrrrr said...

I'm willing to take the risk given that we're getting movies for free from the Interwebs. Chill out, guys. And if it's that much of a pain, go shell out six bucks for a matinee screening.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded The Comebacks, but when I extracted it, it was Saw4. When I played it, it was Chuck and Larry. WTF?!

Atleast I haven't seen any of these movies, I'll just have to be contented with Chuck and Larry.

Anonymous said...

Thought I was getting I Am Legend...ended up with Chuck and Larry.

Guess I'll be watching I Am Legend at a later time. :)

RevCHris said...

I downloaded Juno , it turned out to be Ratatouille ( areally good dvd rip of it).
So I cut my losses and enjoyed a good disney movie.
(Was inda hoping for one of those adult features you mentioned when I found out it was fake)

amitdas said...

The password is Alerts

Anonymous said...

Guys I got a very high internet bill this time.. Don't know why..there was
a large amount of download done on 16th of december.. which isn't possible by any means in one day..
I posted in this site on december 18th... Is the problem related to the
download in anyway?

The amount was Rs 2,300 for just 90 minutes..

but I dint do any download at that time...

How is that possible?

Anonymous said...


ive gotten a lot of activity on PeerGuardian2 (you should get it if youre downloading illegal shit)(lol) ports change ALOT)

its from SafeNet Inc. . ..

who was just purchased by media defender or vice versa

has anyone else detected this as well?

the movie i downloaded was iLegend (i hate the overuse of "i" nowadays)

Anonymous said...

I was downloading "Dan in Real Life" for the past 2-3 days now, the f* file was locked with a stupid password "Alerts" and then file inside was Saw 4. Eventually the movie is Chuck and Pissy-Fucking Larry!

NOTE: This is the 2nd time it happens to me, another torrent of this movie had a Narruto episode inside!

Somebody out there is laughing at us guys. Watch out for your torrents, and STOP SEEDING THE FAKE ONES!

Eliott said...

for ironman try...


Anonymous said...

hangover uses


as well