Monday, September 01, 2008

Movie codec information - the gspot alternative

To be clear, no, I'm not talking about the ladies' G spot :) But if you're looking for GSpot Codec Information Appliance alternative tool for GNU/Linux, you're definetely looking for a tool like themonospot!
The monospot is written in C sharp (C#) using the MONO Framework and GTK#, licensed under GNU GPL, and it's a tool to extract information about various movie formats and reveals valuable information such as:
  • Video codec used
  • Frame size
  • Average video bitrate
  • File size
  • Total time
  • Frame rate
  • Total frames
  • Info data
  • Packet Bitstream
  • User data (in MOVI chunk)
  • Audio codec used
  • Average audio bitrate
  • Audio channels
This could definitely help you dig out the codec used for a specific movie you're trying to view. There various packages available for download, among them Ubuntu, Opensuse, Fedora, Windows and many more!

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Man this very useful!