Thursday, June 28, 2007

Annoying IRC "ads" upon connecting

Situation: You logon in an IRC server and after 5 minutes out of nowhere someone comes and advertises stuff, whether that be websites or channels or other IRC networks. Usually those are the "babies" of some script kiddies who like big attention in channels or need to spread some infections.
Jun 28 10:53:18 Hi baby join #Washington channel :*
Jun 28 10:51:30 hai pe #Audi_a6 ptr noi prieteni..:>
Jun 28 11:04:37 join #Audi_a6 }{
When connecting to an IRC networking set your IRC client program to set the mode +i, in order to make you "invisible" to who listings. So if you have a nick "paolo", then you should type: /mode paolo +i
Don't visit what you see, it might just not be what it claims to be.

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