Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Windows' all-in-one patch program: Autopatcher

Even though Microsoft does provide an ISO image of critical updates, I prefer something more human-oriented, less to size, version-specific and better to the eye: Autopatcher

Autopatcher is a full package of all the necessary updates for your Windows version, which might be XP,2000,2003 or even Vista (x86 and x64!) If you're the guy that does a format every 6 months to keep their Windows at their best shape, you'd certainly love this package. Autopatcher comes with Core, Addons and Stand-alone releases.

Core version provides you critical updates, giving you better security and functionality. Addons provide you with the fun stuff, such as sexy registry edits (right-click on my computer and get a "simple" list of powerful frequently used shortcuts). Last but not least, the Stand-alone releases, which give you some free stuff

Autopatcher is pretty slick, giving you the option to update multiple Windows with a "1,2,3: shake, spray and presto!" ease.
You have some lovely screenshots at
You can find out more on their website
You can choose one of their mirrors to download
What's more, you can even order a CD

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