Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hot Summer? Make a salad!

Satisfy your taste buds in these hot summer days with the following tuna fish salad. It's easy, it's going to cool you down, it's just for you!
Here are the ingredients for 3 persons approximately:
  1. 2 bell pepper (red,yellow or green, one of each colour, it's good to satisfy your eye)
  2. 3 medium-sized cucumbers
  3. 3-4 tomatoes
  4. 2 cans of tuna fish (salted and in oil preferrably)
  5. 1 big onion (purple onion has a great taste!)
  6. some sunflower oil (if you got tuna fish in water)
  7. spices - I use black pepper with garlic and a mix of vegetable additives usually used for soups; It contains: kitchen-salt and some dried veggies (carrots,parsley,parsnip,onion,calery,garlic), it's perfect for a salad!
  8. a spoon, a fork, a knife
Update: You need half a lemon too!

Well, I suppose you know how to cut the veggies, the peppers and the cucumbers longitudinally and vertically, the tomatoes and the onion longitudinally and vertically to become cubical. It's easier if you cut each in half and then start chopping up. Remember: You're going to eat with a fork or spoon, not a ladle! So make the bits humanly eatable.

Put everything in a large bowl. Use the fork and the spoon to mix them; Just shove the spoon in and lift it up, do the same with the fork on the other side, you'll get the hang of it. Use the spices I mentioned above (watch your blood pressure - not too much salty stuff!) and *update* squeeze a lemon then mix again.

Serve instantly or leave it in the fridge (close the bowl's top if you can) for a couple of hours then serve it cold! Dig in and I hope you'll like it.

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