Monday, June 25, 2007

The new beginning

For those who don't know me from, I'm a medical student studying at the Medical Faculty of Belgrade University. I'm currently on an examination period for the second year from June to July. I have to pass Physiology (no, it's not psychology), Biochemistry, Epidemiology (only 56 questions wooohooo!) and last but not least Microbiology with Immunology.

My exams have already began, I did a bad start, I turned back a question of physiology which was about calculating a daily energetic change (metabolism is my worst subject). I sincerely didn't know what to say! Moreover, I just couldn't face my assistant and await his "decision" due to my unpreparedness. It's best to leave and return fully prepared, than give a bad first impression (No, normally I don't support this, but I believe it's time I do!).

My knowledge for some html/php/python/perl seems to pay off though, and I owe most of it to the Ubuntu Linux community, an introducement to the free world. I prepared this nice website in just 2-3 days. I was considering changing studies to computers... but I'm more into helping real people if you know what I mean :) Yes, I'm a geek that loves his PC, but I'm also the kind of guy that is simply too social to be behind a screen all day long programming. I prefer to keep this "gift" as a hobby, I will need it some day.

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