Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ugly performance: Red Hot Chilli Peppers Live @ Serbia

The legendary Peppers came to Serbia last night to face an overthrilled yet overcrowded mass of fans. The band chose to play in an arena built just for them, as that was the only way to get to Indjija. There were a lot of downsides at this event. People actually paid a load of money to see something that resulted to fighting for a bus place!

Firstly, there were some rain drops that started at about 18h and at the end of the concert it resulted to a flood which deluged the arena! A song comes to my mind: "Singing in the rain", but it's not a glorious feeling believe me. Imagine an angry mob covered in mud wanting to leave the premises. The fans unfortunately did not have Noah's ark to save them. Secondly, the 110,000 of people eagerly awaiting for them were in an arena meant for 100,000 (It's really wasn't that bad, but a crowd stampede wanted to depart as the Peppers 'finished the job' and *that* was ugly!). Thirdly, the famous band, as all the international groups, made their fans wait for them some 60 minutes in rain - BAD.

To make matters worse, the band was Chilly and not so 'Red Hot Chilli' last night. Maybe I'm over-reacting, but coming to a place for the first time, their only concert in the Eastern Europe for this year and playing songs of a fresh new album has bad marked all over it. People want to hear the legend songs, the ones that made the group famous. And playing for one hour and what, ten or fifteen minutes is not a good performance. Feel the crowd, work with them, that's the least they could do to make this event memorable. Some folks actually got a loan to just listen to the Peppers. I would love to hear "Under The Bridge" more than "By The Way", but anyway...

The ending was the worst thing. The rain created a chaos, the 95,000-spot parking was "overcared" and the now angry mass of people wishing to go home, had resulted to a fight for bus seats (isn't that a first!) and long-hour driving.

Edit: I forgot to mention one big bad thing: a) No cameras allowed b) No other stuff allowed c) The bottles of water were overpriced (3x more expensive)

The mass comments can be found at a local newspaper's website:

Personal score: 2.5/10 - It could've been better.

Beautiful music is the art of the prophets that can calm the agitations of the soul; it is one of the most magnificent and delightful presents God has given us. --Martin Luther

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Anonymous said...

I came from Skopje just to see the peppers, but like you i was disapointed. From what i saw it was the realy COLD peppers. And i can not forgive them for not playing under the bridge.