Sunday, August 12, 2007


How careless of me, in the need to study and the urge to fill my website with my thoughts as much as possible, I forgot a smart topic I started a couple of months back: Trust. In trust lies the truth or vice versa. But what if trust isn't good enough? What if someone or something is neglected and forgotten, because of the many responsibilities we have in this modern world we live in? What if...

There are many "what ifs" buzzing currently inside me, I'd get lost in the list of them just to put them all down! But who cares? "Hm, care." I mumbled just a few seconds ago, "Interesting word - and topic!".

Browsing the other day I figured this would be a nice way to test just how readily the Answers website provides a researcher with accurate results. And I was amazed to see that people care for a lot of things: children, money, fame, ratings, family, any objects that remind them of the past or which help them to face towards the right direction...

A troubled or anxious state of mind - strong feeling.
A cause to distress or anxiety - strong cause of feelings.
Careful forethought to avoid harm or risk - strong precaution.
Attractiveness to detail - strong focus and attention.
...watching, guarding, or overseeing - strong protection and providing of guidance.
Systematic application of remedies to effect a cure - strong will to help a fellow human in need using medical knowledge.

All these terms are correct and that's what they are; just terms and explanations. What about the practical real world feeling? The care for children? The attention to the homeless? The help for the neglected, the protection of the family, the urge to cure an ailing person, the need to preserve the environment? All these questions are also problems of the real hard cold-blooded egoistic community we live in, and these problems won't go away on their own. Someone has to care; let that be us!

Volunteers subscribe all the time on various topics, find a project that you'd like to help and just show a sign that you care, by any means possible. The world needs you, the Earth needs you, that chair you're sitting on right now doesn't. Stand up and face problems, be part of something good. Pick up a can of Coke and throw it in the trashcan. Hold the hand of a HIV-positive person with AIDS syndrome. Give a hug to a little abandoned girl (and watch your pockets, I said help and care, not be stupid).

I hope that I've motivated you and you're already on the way somewhere and I believe I've put some light to the right pathway-websites for adequate information on each topic.

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