Thursday, August 09, 2007

Websites: Smart Smorty

I've just been approved on Smorty, and I give them a personal big thanks for giving me a chance! Have you ever considered getting paid to blog or even blog advertising? Blogging for money isn't a first thing, there's a dozen of bloggers out there making a living out of simple reviews. It's good to have high ratings on google searches, as smart bloggers can identify what's hot and what's not (we've been through Google Trends).
Smorty is one of many outstanding service networks which actually connect those who want to be advertise and those who, well, like to get paid to review (or advertise if you will). This way, bloggers not only express their personal mind into some products sold or advertised in the Internet, but also they can earn a respected amount of money by doing it.

The only thing bloggers must be aware of is that they pick the right reviews for their websites, merge it somehow in their content. Smorty is actually a new service, I expect to see it grow as my website grows as well :) It has a well-organized website, easy to use as far as I've seen, no extra images, not bloated with 3rd party advertising content, just pure text and links and of course some pending advertisers that would love to be reviewed.

Give it a shot, you'll probably have to wait a couple of months if you own a new website, but it's worth the wait! While you're waiting, you could impress them (any reviewing service can be impressed) with some free reviews of products you personally adore.

P.S. You can browse through my reviews so far by clicking on the reviews label below

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