Thursday, August 23, 2007

Still here, no reason to panic!

You're probably wondering where have I been these days. Well I've added a gallery called "Ελληνικούρες" (pronounced elinikures). The general idea of the gallery is pretty much like Srbovanje in Serbian - you find a picture that makes people laugh, you upload it and share it with your friends!
It has to be connected with Greek, but you're all welcome to fill it up with goodies (there's an approval step, when a moderator will take a close look at what you're uploading)!

A forum will be added soon to the Ellinikoures project, as soon as I see that everything "rolls" well.

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Ellinikoures said...

I thought I was the one who created the word "Ellinikoures". But now I see this is not the case. I live in Athens, and sometimes the Greek people frustrate me because of their strange ideas about life, politics, etc.. SO, when they really make me crazy, I say to them "Asame me tis Ellinikoures sou". So, is this the wrong way to use this word?