Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Security: @RISK Newsletter

@RISK Newsletter and Tippingpoint warn about the security of the following widely used software:
(1) CRITICAL: Multiple Cisco Products Multiple Vulnerabilities
(2) CRITICAL: VMware ActiveX Control Multiple Remote Command Execution Vulnerabilities
(3) HIGH: HP OpenView Products Multiple Vulnerabilities
(4) HIGH: Symantec Norton Multiple Products ActiveX Controls Buffer Overflow
(5) MODERATE: Microsoft DirectX SDK ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
(6) MODERATE: Astaro Security Gateway Multiple Vulnerabilities

I'd consider a full update/upgrade along with a set of tutorials on how to do it by the products mentioned above, especially VMWare & DirectX users ;)

I'd also like to recommend to use a Mozilla Firefox addon, NoScript, which I personally endorsed a year back and still love it!

A minor news, a new virus has been found called 'Storm Worm'. Read more about it here.

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Hescominsoon said...


There's been a partial resolution. The DOS is fixed(with a reload of the latest ISO). The a/v bypass still exists though.