Friday, August 17, 2007

IRC: irssi 0.8.11 released

In case you're wondering whether there is an advanced IRC for console (KDE konsole or GNOME terminal), irssi is the application for that. Unfortunately, Ubuntu Linux does not provide the new version, only in backports, where most applications are 'shaky'.

Well I've downloaded the application from the website (here's a direct link to the irssi package, i386 and amd64 compiled). The dependencies can be satisfied with the feisty packages, so it's good to go! I've been using it several days now and I haven't detected any bugs, in fact they fixed most bugs I reported (The joys of open source programming).

When you download the .deb, just double click and hit "install package", it will ask for the administrator password (and you type it of course). Then just open your terminal/konsole (preferrably maximize the windows) and type: irssi

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