Friday, August 31, 2007

Security: gotcha! just a hoax

I forgot jokes, or hoaxes if you will, using javascript exist nowadays, all I ever encounter were malware, badware, c***ware.

MissU!~miau@ MSG!#bucuresti

Don't worry, it's a pure annoying javascript joke (at the point of writing). Imagine a lot of windows or info boxes popping up and alerting you one by one... now imagine clicking "OK" each time ;) You can stop imagining and follow the link above. Sometimes this kind of jokes can be educational, making you aware of several dangers hidden to the eye (that is if you don't check the source of the website).

I love the singing part:
alert("Jingle bells,");
alert("Batman smells,");
alert("Robin laaaaaid an egg,");
alert("Batmobile lost its wheel,");
alert("And Joker's really gh3y,");

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