Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Medicine: Operation Sleepwalk

Sleepwalking (somnambulism or noctambulism)is a serious sleeping disorder, which can be caused by a number of reasons, all building up together to the event of sleepwalk. Sleepwalking does not necessary imply just 'walking', the persons who suffer from this usually begin activities that are normally associated with or supposed to be done while awake, but instead they occur while asleep or in a sleeplike state.
Sleepwalkers can remember several stuff that happened, but not everything, just like when a person tries to remember their younger years and all they get is just bits of memory (leftovers as I like to call them). On the other hand, they could also not remember anything.

What can cause it? I can name a million reasons, but let's be more specific for the real world:
  • Smoking - Nicotine, one of the chief ingredients of cigarettes and a poisonous alkaloid (C10H14 N2), and the number of cigarettes you smoke daily may increase your awareness, but they also increase your stress and wrath levels disrupt your healthy portion of sleep each day.
  • Stress level - Stress is an important part of nowadays life, people running around just to reach their goals - whatever they may be - always trying to achieve as much tasks possible for the day. This can make a person anxious and that's definitely not good for anything.
  • Emotional state - It's very important to be or feel relaxed at least an hour before sleeping. Being tense even when going to sleep could resort to nightmares and of course sleepwalking.
  • Food - Spicy food has been mark as bad for a good night sleep. Bad indigestion could also play an important role here.
  • Alcohol - Wine, beer, whiskey and all beverages that contain alcohol
  • Caffeine - Compared to nicotine, this baby actually tries to help you stay awake, even when your brain requires some rest. Drinking lots of coffee cups while you require to sleep is a really bad idea.
To be continued...


GNUlihd said...

Hey thanks for the info.

I usually have lucid dreaming followed by sleep paralysis. Can you write more about it?

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Will do :) It was scheduled as my next post today or tomorrow.

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