Sunday, July 08, 2007 - fastest or best reply contest?

Sometimes people like contests, guiness book of records would be a good example: who's the fastest runner, who has the biggest toes in the world, who has the weirdest profession etc. But who has the quickest reply in an answer? Resentful.

Yahoo answers is a great place to find your answer, or at least it was. It's now filled with annoying brats that just start flaming you or using irony as a reply. Irony is not an answer, brats. Also people that ask questions are sometimes arrogant, which causes some parties of the world to break down a endless dialogue with no answers.

Now, if someone likes speed and doesn't care whether the answer is true or not, he'll mark the first user as 'the best answer'. There are dozens of examples there to prove that, I won't even bother to post a link. It was a neat place until some started to use their 'abbreviations' ('tru', ya, ay, cp, td, the list is endless), which does not give a complete and thoroughly readable answer.

In spite of all the bad sides, Yahoo answers is a good place to reach someone to answer your question, whether that is your homework and you're lazy (*hint hint*) or if you truly have a life/death situation to be answered. There are a lot of crazy questions going around, but I love the Biology and the Medicine topics. I'm a level 2 contributor at the point of writing this article, I really have no idea why I answer them for free, I guess it's the excitement and intrigue of answering to a fellow human that requires my assistance on a subject; I should be called an all-around doctor when I get the medical diploma in 4 years (hopefully). Keep the questions coming!

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