Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Medicine: Portable heart monitor that yells SOS through SMS

Imagine a relative calling and yelling "Hello? Uh my father is having a pain in his chest, I really don't know what that means... Now he's - Oh my god! He's fallen to the floor, COME QUICKLY" *click* *tut tut tut* (phone line dead) - No address, no explanation. Cause of death? Idiocy and panic. Well I'd say those days are over. The technology has advanced so much that even your heart can let the local hospital know if and when you're having a heart attack by simply sending an ECG using Bluetooth technology.
"Our Wearable Cardiac Telemedicine System can help the mobility of patients, so they can regain their independence and return to an active social life or work schedule," explains Bai, "thereby improving their psychological well-being and quality of life."

The only thing they don't mention (as always) is the very high price of a new gadget (as always).

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