Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Blu-ray: The blue (r)evolution

Go to amazon.com and hit a search for blu-ray. You'll find some of the new discs that have 25GB in digital size and weigh only some grams :) Oh what would I do with a blu-ray burner.. The bad side? Their price (mysimon.com)!

For a price so high I would buy myself a new computer with all the sexy new features & speed rather than spend it on one piece of hardware. Yes, I agree, it is lovely it has 25GB or 50GB (double-sided), but I can and WILL suffice to a bunch of DVDs rather than spend it on ONE thing; well at least for now. I bet the price will fall several hundred dollars by 2008, since it might be the new standard for digital data. I don't mind waiting for some months until the merchants realise that the price set for blu-ray drives is SCARING customers!

HD-DVD? Same thing. I believe high definition DVDs will be the standard for digital media, films for example (a lot of companies have started to give out their films in HD-DVD). But I'm not the crowd pleaser nor a politician to drive the madness towards the one or the other product end. Let's leave it for the world to decide.

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