Saturday, July 14, 2007

Studies: Passed 1, 3 to go!

I know, I know, I haven't posted for some days. I apologise for that, I considered in taking a day off and some days for studying (better said "quarantined"). 3 "examination months" left, 3 exams to go. Epidemiology was a breeze, thanks to the lovely two girls that helped me study! 7/10 isn't a bad grade, considering the fact that I was revising for 4 days and secondly, I faced the professor first from the group. It's all about rhetoric to present your answer effectively and in several few minutes.
Quite the opposite of "το λακονίζειν εστί φιλοσοφείν" (to lakonizin esti filosofin; keeping it short/simple is a way of wisdom), which I've learned in Cypriot schools - keep it short and concise, spare us the beautiful adjectives.
There is so much to learn... and I intend to learn it!

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