Monday, July 09, 2007

Internet: makes you download a virus

The website makes you download two files, worm2007.exe and YMworm.exe. I think worm2007.exe is a trojan to control you and YMworm.exe is definitely a worm to spread the.. bad word (the latter is an AutoIT script)! This is a list of some possible messages (wwwlinkcom is the above-named domain):

  1. :D who is beside you in this pic wwwlinkcom friendpic1.jpg so good-looking
  2. ;) 1 of my vacation pictures wwwlinkcom vacation1.jpg <:-P
  3. hot pics this week wwwlinkcom hot.jpg :x
  4. ;) 1 of my vacation pictures wwwlinkcom vacation2.jpg <:-P
  5. Screenshot of my new Ipod wwwlinkcom vista.jpg so cool :D
  6. Images shot in Iraq _ The war will never end wwwlinkcom Iraqwar.jpg << :(
  7. :)) I won an iPhone. You will never believe it :O wwwlinkcom mylottery.jpg <<
  8. never click into the links like something in this image wwwlinkcom dontclick.jpg #:-S !!!
  9. :( the page cannot be displayed wwwlinkcom error.jpg Something was wrong !!! Check it again and tell me later. THanks
  10. My pics wwwlinkcom mypics.jpg b-( <<
As is stated in the autoit script:
Tac Gia: TermeX - ThanatoS
Phan Mem: TermeX Bot
Phien Ban: 2.0
Cong Dung: Quang cao Website thong qua Y!M,MSN,AIM,My Computer
Phat Hanh: 20-9-2006

Imagine.. this worm has survived ever since! Despite the fact that it changes your home page to it also "spreads the word" in Yahoo messenger, AOL Instant messenger, MSN/Windows Live Messenger etc... is still alive.

A lot of antivirus software do not detect YMworm.exe, it's time they do!

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