Monday, July 09, 2007

Linux: Ubuntu is "humanised"

Ubuntu has become more humane these 3 years; Spread, devotion, helpful community are the three little keys to this linux distribution's success. It holds the stability of the grand secure distro, Debian, and the easiness of a desktop operating system by providing what the public wants. It's human-run and human-based. But there's a bad thing around this.

Canonical is capitalising by using (maybe abusing, we'll see in the future) the warm community of the Linux "noobs" (beginners), giving pre-installed Ubuntu systems in partnerships with Dell and Sun. Mark has become a 'free software evangelist'. From a developer he was in Debian GNU/Linux, he has released and sponsored the first version of Ubuntu. The actualy word "ubuntu" derives from an ancient African word from the Zulu and Xhosa languages which has many meanings, hence not easily translatable, but in general means something like "humanity towards others".

If you ask me, this last year I was using Ubuntu along with the internet and it changed my whole view about computers. I am a live example of a 'noob' to a 'novice' Linux user, who enjoys some free software and sometimes gives back some love with error/bug reporting (

Don't think about it, just get a copy free; You can order a free CD (no charge whatsoever) or download the whole ISO (CD image) to burn it on a CD.

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