Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gadgets: Chumby

Weird name, kind of remarkable for a gadget of its powers. I guess the name comes from chubby chum; it is "fat" if you look at the pictures and it will become your friend eventually, a gadget you'll be able to carry anywhere! Anyway, Chumby is (if not one of the most expected) one of the soon expected gadgets on the market. Why should you grab one? A number of reasons... which we don't know yet (bad website).
Chumby is linux-based, hence it uses (or will use) open source software, so all you hackers out there should really take into consideration into grabbing one of these, from what I found out by a friend, it's going to be fun working with and programming Chumby.
You can be informed the moment Chumby hits the market here. Under the "stay tuned" headline there's a box to fill your email and as they state "Don't worry… we won't share your email address with anyone. Your privacy is respected".

Sum-up: I'd be thrilled to have a gadget like this, the problem is the cost; $150-$200 (plus shipping&handling I guess) is a bit high for me.

Personal score: 8/10 (the price blew the 10!)

Chumby's website
Meet their team
Pictures of chumby

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