Friday, July 20, 2007

Study: Americans "no capito" other people

Quoting Keysar:
That strong, egocentric communication of Westerners was nonexistent when we looked at Chinese. The Chinese were very much able to put themselves in the shoes of another when they were communicating.
Hard words if you ask me. They grew up in a hard money-making blood-sucking western type of world, hence Americans have learned to survive and make profit out of someone's loss, even though that drives them to desocialize and become lonely. Despite our human nature, one's loss is another man's gain, which proves to be a law of survival in crowded cities. Yeah, maybe China is a much more crowded country, but the Chinese are raised with different traditions; I too would like to know which those traditions are, but since I'm not from that part of our dear planet, I can't be a judge of their customs.
It's a fact: You can't compare cultures.

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