Monday, July 16, 2007 The smiley makes it better!

I never expected to see a smiley on a website, a serious website! And threadless is all about making you smile (and vote for the best on the way).
It's just as Google says: A collection of shirts submitted and rated by the public. To be honest, when humans put their minds down, they create some really amusing stuff. This imagination for creating comes handy when it comes to designing websites. Threadless is a website that keeps some shirt designs. I have to say I loved the "Deadline" design (right).
To sum up, this website has everything: a lovely community, Deadline - Threadless, Best T-shirts Eververy interesting critiques, some "?!" characters here and there (which are more than welcome to raise up the "happiness" of the website)

Personal rate: 9/10 (Hey, it made even me join!)

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