Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bittorrent: Introducing Halite - small yet effective client program

Made in C++ using libtorrent, Halite Bittorrent Client seems very promising, introducing features found in ╬╝Torrent, but without the MPAA watching over your back ;)
Halite (named after the mineral NaCl, rock salt) holds the following features:
  • Multiple downloads.
  • Displays more detailed information for the selected torrent.
  • Connection limits both global and per-torrent.
  • Transfer rate limits again global and per-torrent.
  • Trackerless torrents (using the Mainline kademlia DHT protocol).
  • IP filtering with eMule ipfilter.dat import.
  • Minimize to tray with transfer rate summary.
  • Association with ".torrent" files.
  • Option to limit the number of instances to one.
  • Estimated time remaining indicator.
  • Full Unicode support through UTF-8 and native Windows wide-char strings.
  • Login support where tracker requires it.
  • Ability to edit trackers specified in the torrent.
The only problem is that, as all open source projects, it needs a lot of volunteers to enrich its code and speed up its releases. They need translators as well. The bad thing is that this open source client is to be used only on Microsoft Windows :(

You can download the latest Halite at sourceforge or softpedia.

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