Saturday, July 07, 2007

Xbox 360: A problem that costs some billion dollars

Xbox 360 faced some hardware failures during this past year, and it looks like Bill Gates and his associates have been too "easy" when they were testing it. They couldn't detect the crash named "Red ring of death" or RROD; It constantly reminds me of the frequent BSODs (Blue Screen of Death) that I used to get on Windows 98 and Windows XP.

There's nothing more beautiful than a nice warranty, and it looks like M$ has extended it for all its customers due to the above named error. An extra. If I had a faulty game console (which I don't), I'd be requesting my money back, or file a nice law-suit for inappropriate testing; But hey, that's just me flaming some ugly hardware/software Windows-like activity. Speaking of Windows-like, isn't it weird Microsoft has the problems related to Windows on other products?! It sure makes me happy I'm over at the free side (

Come to think of it, no wonder Microsoft wants to make a pax romana deal with Linux distros (distributions, linux-based operating systems, "derivatives").

Well anyway, I wish Microsoft all the best in paying up and releasing in public that million-dollar fix (and they of course denied to reveal the source of the problem) :)

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