Saturday, July 14, 2007

Website: When inspiration meets reality

Looks like I've inspired some of my friends to start blogging about something they really like! I must say it's a good start with a solid topic: Films.
I wish I had a steady topic, all these medical mumbo-jumbo with technology... seems like that's driving some readers away :( Well, the blog is entitled "my life's journey", therefore the topics are endless for me. Aaanyway, back to the website review.

They've added several stuff, changed the layout, so I guess it's still under construction. This blog is under constant construction as well, so are the rest of the blogs in the world, until they get tired of changing layouts and keep one (I might keep this blue-ish or a green-ish one, we shall see). Their archive is gathered in a nice calendar, that's a great addition at the point of writing.
The black is not for me, but it does rest the internet readers' eye. Just by reading the "intro" post, it looks like it's going to be a nice blast of film reviews. We will be waiting!

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